Out with Florals, in with Wood – Jord Wooden Minimalist Watch Giveaway

Spring is here, and our wrist clocks are telling us that it’s right on time!

This spring we’re saying sayonara to florals and sporting a more minimal, natural look with Jord’s line of luxury wooden watches.


We’ve been loving the clean, pure design of Jord’s watches and the beautifully crafted quality that’s sure to last us until watches are a thing of the past.

I’ve been rocking the Frankie Series Ebony and Gold watch, as most of my wardrobe is darker, cool tones and it fits perfectly with every piece.

It’s nice knowing that I can pop my baked goods into the oven and actually keep track of when I need to take them out (I’m notoriously getting lost in the clouds and day dreaming through the timer, my bad).


Honestly my favourite part of receiving the watch was finding out that it came in this wooden, reusable box that you can use to store your watch, or repurpose for a variety of different uses (I’m currently storing food styling tools in mine).

Definitely digging the thought process that’s gone into this product and it’s packaging to reduce waste in our landfills.


Here Lex is wearing the Frankie series again, but this time in Zebrawood and Champagne. This piece is a lot more natural looking, and pairs well with lighter, neutral tones. Owning this piece has definitely kept her on time to our daily coffee dates.

Want a Jord watch of your own? They’re currently holding a giveaway for you to win your choice of these unique and natural wooden watches! Click the link here to find out more and enter to get a wooden watch that fits your spring time style.




Luxury Wooden Watch

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