Sustainable Low-Impact Shaving Routine

Shaving as we know it is… not the most sustainable practice, not to mention it’s expensive as hell.

Back when I was purchasing those low-quality plastic razors I was spending waaay more money per month on removing hair from my face than anybody ever should be. Along with the expense, every razor I tossed away had the same fate: to sit in a landfill for the next 200 years refusing to decompose. Not somethin I’m big into supporting.

Through a lil research I found a more low-impact option to modern day shaving, the safety razor. I know what you’re thinking, electric razors already exist, why would you take a step back and purchase a medieval weapon to rid your face of hair? Well to put it simply, I don’t dig the way most electric razors don’t get you that crisp, close to the skin finish that you can get with a metal razor blade. The safety razor solved all these issues.

The brand I chose can be found on for a mere $30 (think 2 months of disposable razors), the WEISHI safety razor comes with a chrome safety razor that features a butterfly clasp for easy access to the blade area and simple cleaning, along with the set is a chrome stand for your razor and a potential shave soap brush, as well as a few blades to get you started. I would suggest grabbing another set of razors (Feather has 50 of these double edged blades for only $20 on amazon) as the WEISHI set only comes with enough razors to last you a few weeks.

With proper care and cleaning the metal razor blades will last you as long as a plastic razor before being changed out, all the durability with none of the waste, you dig?

Another great shaving item I found recently is the Dirty shaving cream by Lush, all organic and natural all the time. This oat-based shaving cream is perfect for my sensitive skin, and a little of it goes a long way. I sleep sound knowing that if I Lush will take back the emptied and cleaned pots that the shaving cream comes in to re-use again (and if you bring in 5 of the pots they’ll give you a hand-cream for free).


Once your face/legs/wherever you have unwanted hair that you feel the need to remove is smooth as heck we suggest you finish off with a combo of 10:1 Jojoba oil and Bergamot oil smoothed over the shaved area. The oils will help to rehydrate your skin, and to provide antiseptic and antibacterial benefits to help you avoid nasty infections.


Okay I’ll admit, the first time I used my safety razor… my face was a mess. The technique is completely different from manual disposable razors but once you have it down you’ll be doing it with your eyes closed (maybe don’t tho just incase).

Tip #1: Let the weight of the razor carry it down your skin. DO NOT press the razor into your skin as you would with a more modern disposable razor. Pressing down can lead to nicks and cuts and just a big ol mess. The razor should glide easily down your skin with the grain of your hair if you simply let the weight of the razor do the work for you.

Tip #2: Less is more. You don’t need to lather up the shaving cream, and I’ve actually found that the more cream you have on your skin the harder it is to get a close shave with the safety razor. Simply put a thin layer on your skin to help lubricate the hairs and shave away.

Tip #3: The hotter, the better. You’ll want to run your razor under very hot water between every stroke to ensure that is takes off the shaving cream and glides smoothly across your skin.

Tip #4: Clean your razor! For real, you want to open it up and whip or wash the blades down after every shave, because it isn’t disposable you want to make sure you keep bacteria at bay. On that note, make sure to change your razor blade at least every few weeks to ensure it’s clean and safe to use.

Tip #5: Long and slow. The short, quick strokes that you may be used to won’t work well with this type of razor. Instead aim for long, slow strokes over a greater distance. This will ensure a close shave and less nicks.

That’s it! The razor definitely takes some time to get used to, but at this point I’m not sure I’d even remember how to use a disposable plastic razor to shave, my relationship with my WEISHI is one that’ll last a lifetime.

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